Rental Limousine – Rental for transport vehicle with closed trailer

Limousine rental

Wedding / Romantica / Escape / Business
Exclusively flat-rate fare with driver on Swiss territory

White black leather interior & red stitching

Day package
5 hours included maximum 150 Km – Between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (to be agreed)
Net price : 1’200 CHF

Day & evening package
10 hours included maximum 300 Km – Between 9:00 am and 11:00 pm (to be agreed)
Net price : 2’000 CHF

  • Driver, insurance and taxes in Switzerland are included.
  • All kilometers exceeding the above rates are to be paid immediately / 1km = CHF 2.00.
  • Leaving Villeneuve (Vaud) – the refueling is done by the renter.
  • In case of mileage exceeding the total amount of the 1st full tank of gasoline made at the start the full tank must be invoiced & paid immediately by the tenant in person to the driver.
  • External decoration on Maserati Ghibli not included
  • See with the lessor for this clause – he alone will be able to grant the decoration in case of acceptance the decoration will be made in Villeneuve.


Rental of a closed trailer

GTAutomobile offers to all professionals exclusively, for the transport of cars, collectible vehicles, prestige, sport, racing, etc. …


GTAutomobile guarantees transport in perfect safety conditions, fully insured trailer, property insurance up to CHF 300’000.



Rate: 120 CHF / 4 hours minimum
Rate: 220 CHF / 8 hours
Rates : 300 CHF / 12 hours
Rates : 480 CHF / 24 hours
All other costs are at the expense of the lessor.

Deductible / Deposit = 1’000 CHF in cash

The deductible will be refunded upon your return only after verification of the condition of the trailer by both parties.
In case of damage, the deductible will be blocked by GTAutomobile, the time to make an estimate of the repairs.

Only the closed Woodford RL5000 trailer